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Secure Self-Hosted, Files and Database will located in your server.
(Free software updates, Unlimited employees and HR Manager login based on your database capacity).
Pro version as in demo $3 per month only. Free version comes limited features -please check FAQs for free HR Software.

PHP HR is self hosted employee management software. Self-hosted PHP HRM software, is a complete Human Resource Management software that runs or executes on your own server. So, you just need to download the application and upload it to your server. As all files and databases will be stored on your server, no one can hack or share your data or information with third parties or your competitors.

Self Hosted HR Software

PHP HR is a web based self hosted HR software, which contains following functionality:

  • Attendance
  • Leave
  • Payroll
  • Document
  • Performance
  • Employee Shift Management
  • Assets
  • Biometric
  • Holiday
  • Employee Management
  • User Management

Here is Demo Video

Self-Hosted HR software is your own HR software located on your own hosted server – Your web application and database will be managed by you or your team. As the application and database are located on your server, no one can see your private organization’s data.

The main advantage of self-hosted HR Software is as database and application are stored on your server – no one can see your important data – you can customize your application anytime.

Yes. We 100% agree with you. We have been in this industry for more than a decade and have a more than 10-year-old client list including government organizations – using our services.

Yes. Click here to view more about us.

PHP HR self hosted price is $3 per month for 1 domain.

For future development updates we are charging this amount.

Click here to buy PHP HR license key.

Click here to buy PHP HR license key.

No. PHP HR will work only authorized domain like your domain


           PHP VERSION: 7.1
           MYSQL VERSION: 6+
           IONCUBE VERSION: 10

No. That will cost you $10 for 1 domain.

Yes. We will …

Yes. You can.

$100 p/m for 1 domain.

In your server.

Yes you can.

$30 per hour.

Yes. It depends on the number of hours.

No. For security reasons, PHP HR software source code is 100% encrypted; – you can’t edit or modify it.

Unlimited. As database will be located on your server – it depends on your database size.

Yes you can. That will cost you $300 lifetime for 1 domain.

Yes. Your always welcome.



No. All our customers are the same as us and our price is very reasonable.

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