Attendance Management Software In PHP

Attendance management system is an innovative tool to maintain and manage the attendance of company employees.

Wouldn’t a company like to know the exact working hours put in by their employees? And get a handy monthly attendance report of each employee in front of the screen? With the development of technology, we can not only log the attendance of employees working in an organization but we can accurately note their IN and OUT time, track time of their working hours and efficiently look at each employees monthly attendance. All this is provided by a simple, user-friendly attendance software.

Why do we need Attendance Software?

In any organization keeping track of employees is the most important job in HR, their IN, and OUT time, the number of leaves given every year like sick leaves, gusted leaves, etc. the total attendance of each employee and the time they put in each day is most essential of any company to thrive, As to optimize human-as-resources, time management and discipline among the employees is highly important. This was done manually for the longest time, but it came with its own errors like fake attendance, error in marking the attendance. However, with the development of technology these errors were reduced. Now with highly developed software which is user friendly and easy to use, we can achieve this easily on our computer screens.

PHP Based HR Software

With PHP HR software, any company can have a hassle-free and easy attendance management system. Employees not only can log and manage their attendance through their online portal but through biometrics also. This management software is extremely easy to use, highly user friendly, quick and interlinked. The system is interlinked with the manager/admin portal and the employee panel. When the employee logs in their IN and OUT time, the admin/manager can see the updates. With this attendance software we can achieve error-free attendance records. This not only provides with errors free attendance logging system but also gives you concised reports of every employee at the end of each month.

Attendance Management System in Admin or Manager Panel

When the system is accessed through admin , the first dropbox which appears helps to navigate through different functionality an admin can control. They can choose the action they want to perform and proceed.
The second dropbox is for attendance management. This feature tells a manager about each employee’s IN and OUT time, their monthly attendance report, and whether an employee is on leave or not. These lists can be further narrowed or filtered by selecting a specific department, and shift, and the software will show all the employees of that department working during that specific selected shift.
A monthly attendance report is very important for an employer. The manager can access these reports through the attendance report dropbox and like the daily attendance, they will be able to input the specifics like which department, shift, month and year. The admin will get the attendance of all the selected employees for the last month or the selected month. There is an additional feature to it as at the end of each employee’s attendance the software automatically calculates total attendance, leaves and the days the employee was absent.
This software is designed for international clients as well. The time can be logged through any time zone. The admin/ manager has the authority to do so. He/she can easily change the time zone by going through setup menu.

Attendance Management System in Employee Panel

When the system is assessed through the employee panel. The employee does not have to go through any trouble while logging their attendance. This will be done by the software automatically.
Employee just have to log in to their panel and click on Start Working Today button present on the dashboard . This will record their IN time as well as mark their present in the admin attendance report.
Additionally, the employee can go through his/her monthly attendance by clicking on my account> attendance, their monthly attendance report will be available on screen.
At the end of the day the employee just has to click on the “STOP WORKING BUTTON” on the dashboard and this will automatically record their out time.

PHP HR, “Attendance Management System” is based on popular opensource language PHP. It’s a very innovative tool to maintain and manage the attendance of employees. You can download free attendance software source code and upload it to your server.

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