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PHP HR is a web-based, self-hosted human resource management software that helps employers to manage important HR-related tasks like employee profile, documents, work, attendance, leave, payroll, performance, loan, reimbursement, assets, and employee recruitment management. As PHP HR is self-hosted – Files and database will be located or stored on your secure server – No-one will be able to view or share your important data with someone else.

What is PHP HR?

Self-hosted HR Software

PHP HR is a web-based self-hosted, hr management software system that facilitates owner to keep track of employees information, employee attendance, facilitation day-to-day employee activity management, employee payroll management, employee performance management and many more.

Who can use PHP HR?

HR Software For Small Company

PHP HR is very flexible and can be used by anyone according to their needs. If you’re a company owner and want to keep track of your employee information, attendance, and online payroll system- PHP HR software facilitates you to take control.

We provide free HR software to government-approved NGOs or schools. The premium version of our PHP HR software is 100% free for government-registered NGOs and educational institutions (Click here for more details). Other industries can also download free PHP HR software versions with limited features. Please visit FAQs to check free HR software available features.

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Human Resource Management System - Online HR Software

PHP HR is a web-based HR software system. PHP HR is a digital platform that allows employers to manage important tasks and processes related to managing employees and allocate their time and resources to more productive and profitable efforts. PHP HR helps you to manage all the tasks related to the HR activities like employee, attendance, leaves, and employee salary slips. Human Resource Information System or PHP HR, helps HR staff take care of an organization’s most valuable assets, people. PHP HR plays the core data-management role needed for multiple HR functions such as recruiting and tracking applicants, storing employee data, managing payroll and benefits, maintaining regulatory and legal requirements, etc. PHP HR combines many human resources functions, including benefits administration, payroll, recruiting and training, and performance analysis and review into one package. PHP HR, aims to improve the productivity and efficiency of the business through the automation of manual and repetitive tasks. This, in turn, also frees up the HR team’s time, which can then be used to address more strategic, business-critical tasks. Human Resources is the company department charged with finding, screening, recruiting and training job applicants, and administering employee-benefit programs. HR responsibilities include compensation and benefits, recruitment, firing, and keeping up to date with any laws that may affect the company and its employees.


Employee Management

PHP HR, Employee management is a process that helps your workers perform at their best and achieve your business goals. It’s a holistic process that covers almost everything related to human resources such as new employee recruitment, payroll management, performance management and more.

Leave Management System

Leave Management is the process of managing employee time-offs that include applying for leave, approval, tracking the leave, updating it in the record, and notifying the team. Leave management is an essential HR function.

Payroll Management

A PHP HR, payroll management system is a tool – predominantly a software program – that enables your business to handle all your employee’s financial records in a hassle-free, automated fashion. This includes employee’s salaries, bonuses, deductions, net pay, and generation of pay-slips for a specific period.

HR Users Management

PHP HR, User management describes the ability for administrators to manage user access to various HR resources like payroll, attendance, leave applications, recruitment systems, employee profile management and more. User management is a core part to any HR service and is a basic security essential for any organization.

Employee Attendance Management

Attendance management is the process of preventing employee time theft by tracking employee working hours, login time, departures and time off. Attendance management is a critical HR function and it is essential to plan attendance to have a control over employees’ time to minimize employee downtime in the organization.

Performance Management

In PHP HR, performance management is an ongoing process of communication between a supervisor and an employee that occurs throughout the year, in support of accomplishing the strategic objectives of the organization.

Employee Management System

Employee Management System

Employee Management System is a web-based application software which helps the company to manage their employee details and employee daily operations like attendance, leave, holidays, performance, shifts and many more.
In PHP HR users can manage employee profile, documents, bank details, shifts, assets, department, leave, attendance, payroll, employee performance, holidays.
It also stores all employee’s information in a centralized database.
In Employee Management System you can see employee details whenever you want.
You can easily assign Employee to Manager
In Employee Management System you can easily manage employee leave
Employee Performance Management. View More...

Attendance Management System

Attendance Management System
Attendance management software is an open-source-based application which helps businesses to manage total working days, in and out, timing of an employee and track working hours of an employee.
In PHP HR admin can easily make daily attendance according to department or shifts.
Employee can easily make their attendance by login their section.
Admin can manage employee presence or absence according to in and out timestamp.
Admin can view employee monthly reports
Admin can add daily attendance
In PHP HR you can import bulk employees attendance through excel format.
In PHP HR admin can easily integrate biometric devices. View More...

Leave Management System

Leave Management System
Leave management system manages leave of an employee. It also allows employee to request their leave and track their leave. It allows company to track and grant leave.
In PHP HR, admin can create leaves like sick leaves, casual leaves, medical leaves.
Admin can allocate number of monthly, quarterly and yearly bases leaves.
Employee can easily grant leave from his/her login section to his manager.
Admin/manager can approve and reject leaves of his/her team members.
In PHP HR credit leave will be calculated automatically.
Admin can easily edit or create leave type.
Admin can add/delete leave for an employee. View More...

Payroll Management System

Payroll Management System
Payroll is the process of payment between company and his employees.
Payroll Management System is a system software which helps a company to manage payments to employees. It is also used for calculating payments, taxes and depositing monthly payments in bank accounts.
In PHP HR, Employer can create hourly, monthly and yearly salary slip of his employees.
Admin can create unlimited paycheck.
Admin is allowed to add allowance and deduction.
Admin can make payscale based salary slip which is good for factory and government organization.
In PHP HR you can create pay slip for a specific time duration.
Admin can create HTML/PDF payroll. View More...

Document Management System

Document Management System
Document Management System help us to record, store, and manage all documents and letter of an employee in an organization.
It a software which helps company to add employee’s documents and keep the documents and files securely.
In PHP HR, Admin can able to assign expiration dates to time-sensitive documents and assign role-based security.
It allows HR to manage documents efficiently and compliantly
In PHP HR admin can add employee’s documents.
Admin can add documents by dropbox/google drive/url or any other method.
Admin can assign to employee privately. View More...

Assets Management System

Assets Management System
Assets Management System is a web-based software tool which helps companies to track assets.
Assets Management System is used to increase the total wealth over time by acquiring and maintaining assets.
PHP HR allows admin as well as employees to view assets assign history, which is helpful for both means by establishing transparence between company assets and employees.
In PHP HR, Admin can add unlimited assets
Admin can assign assets to employee.
In PHP HR there is auto show assets list in employee profile. View More...

Performance Management System

Employees Shift Management System
Performance Management Software helps organization to maintain performance rating of each employee in an organization.
Performance Management Software is a software which helps company to check the performance of an employee.
This software is used for making monthly and yearly performance of an employee.
It also helps manager to write accurate job profiles.
It is useful at the time of employee evaluation or promotion.
In PHP HR, you can auto show performance on a particular employee’s profile. View More...

User Management System

Employees Shift Management System
User Management Software is an HR module which help business owner or manager to create/manage user and his/her access in system.
This software helps us to keep data of users with their roles.
It also helps us to track user activities.
It is also known as the managing module of the company.
In PHP HR, User management allows the admin to manage the personal details, login details of the users.
Admin can manage user status either active or inactive means allowing or denying user login.
Only admin can add multiple users.
Admin can easily remove oldest users. View More...

Employees Shift Management System

Employees Shift Management System
Employee Management System is a web-based tool which helps businesses to manage the employees shift.
It helps us to manage multiple shifts such as morning shifts, evening shifts, night shifts, weekly, monthly, etc.
Admin can easily rotate the shifts of an employee.
In PHP HR, the admin can add/manage employee shifts for specific days and times.
Admin can easily change employee shift.
Admin can change shift timing. View More...

Holiday Management System

Holiday Management System
Holiday Management System is an HR tool where businesses can create holiday calendars for employees.
It manages the time off for you organization.
It manages government approved holidays and special occasion like Christmas, Diwali or Labour Day, etc.
Admin can add or update the holiday details so that your employee can easily see the holiday details via employee login. View More...

Biometric Attendance System

Biometric Management System
Biometric Attendance System is an open source PHP-based software to use and track employee attendance with face and fingerprints.
It automatically records the in and out timing by fingerprints and face.
In PHP HR, Biometric Attendance System uses fingerprints of the employee to verify the person and keep records of employees clocking in and out.
It helps to eliminate false attendance records and time theft.
It takes attendance quickly and correctly.
It is easy integrated biometric device. View More...

Factory Production System

Factory Production Management System
Factory Production System is a software that tracks the day-to-day production of a factory.
It also tracks down the employee’s productivity in a day.
It is the system which is used to track daily production of the company to track company’s growth.
In PHP HR, Factory Production System enables admin to track the details of the daily production in an organization.
Admin can also check the monthly production report and see the growth of an organization. View More...


Human resource management, or HRM, is defined as the process of managing employees in a company and it can involve managing, monitoring, hiring, and motivating employees.
HR Employee management software or system simplifies the internal processes of the HR department like employee financial records such as managing employee salaries, deductions, employee leave and attendance information. The primary objective of Human Resource Management software is to provide a secure central server database containing records for all past and present employees, along with attendance and performance. PHP HR employee management software is ideal for managers and HR to track remote employees, monitor staff productivity, work status and attendance management.

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PHP HR is nice for businesses that wish to customize their time and group action software package arrangement, particularly technology, education, healthcare, skilled services, producing, construction, and non-profit-making firms. Most competitors provide one or two time and group action arrangement choices. However, HR offers one base arrangement with many add-on choices, permitting you to make a custom arrangement. As an example, you’ll add time-off options, performance management, clock functions, timesheets, policy violation warnings, and talent management. This model is good [...]

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