Biometric Attendance System


PHP HR- Biometric Attendance System

A biometric attendance system is used to verify the identity of employees of an organization. It can be used in various industries including software companies, schools and colleges, hospitals, and many more. The identity of any person or employees can be recognize with basis of body parts include fingerprint, voice patterns, and iris, face recognition and hand measurements.

PHP HR- Importance of Biometric Attendance Software

A biometric attendance system is important for a small and big organizations. It is a great way for HR to ensure attendance. It reduce time theft and spend less time, money and efforts. It helps to manage the attendance of every employee in your office or organization. It also increase the productivity. It also generates accurate reports in very less time.

A biometric attendance system is free and an open source software. It is highly customizable and easy to use software. Its source code is publicly accessible. It offers all the intuitive functionality required for an effective attendance management software. Anyone can make changes according to their requirements. It has simple user-interface. It is easy to install and use a biometric attendance system.

Biometric attendance system scans the body part like finger, face and voice, iris and so on, of the employees. These system eliminates the chances of proxy attendance. It gives security to the organization. It helps to keep track of employee attendance and work hours also. With these system only authorized people enter any premises.

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