HR Software - Pricing

PHP HR is available in two plan one is cloud and another is self hosted.

Source Code + DatabaseYou can host encrypted source code and database in your server.$1999

One Time Payment

Lifetime Validity For One Domain

Free Setup

Free Biometric Device Setup

Free 3  PHP HR Training Session

Paid Maintenance & Support

All PHP HR Software Features

Customization: Any customization in PHP HR software will be very reasonable rate.

Note: You can host encrypted source code and database in your server.

Request For Demo

Cloud HR Software

PHP HR cloud price is $29 p/m

No for cloud hr software – its free…

No. Minimum time duration is 3 months.

No. We will not refund that amount.

5 GB space is good for less then 50 employee’s company…

Yes you can. Price will be $24 for next 5 GB space.

Yes. We will..

You can use your own biometric device or You can buy it from us.

Finger or RFID device will cost around $85-$100 (1000 employee’s capacity).

Yes.. You can see real time attendance data in employee details section.

Yes you can…

Yes. It will cost according to your changes…

Self Hosted HR Software

PHP HR self hosted price is $1999 lifetime for 1 domain.

No. We will not provide any free support for self hosted hr software.

Yes. For 1st domain we will provide free 1 time setup…

No. We will not…

Yes. You can.

$30 p/m for 1 domain.

In your server.

Yes you can.

Yes you can. That will cost you $1000 lifetime for 1 domain.

Yes. Your always welcome.

No. For security reason PHP HR software source code is 100% encrypted  – you can’t edit or modify it.

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