Attendance Management System

Attendance Management System keeps track of your employee hours. It is the system you use to document the presence, absence and keep track of working hours of your employees. With the PHP HR Attendance Management System, Admin/Manager can make attendance manually, Employee can make attendance by web portal and biometric device.

Employee Attendance Management System or Employee Attendance Management Software is a solution for companies or businesses to track their employees total working days or hours by recording in and out timestamps. A good employee attendance tools or software helps you to track, store and manage the ongoing operations on a real-time basis.

Attendance Management Software Features in PHP HR

Attendance Management System is an important feature of the PHP HR System. With the attendance management software employees can check their daily attendance and Admin/Manager can view/add, import employee attendance.
In the Attendance Management Software, Admin/Manager can check attendance reports by department, shift, year, and month-wise. Admin/Manager can check attendance report section wise like department, shift, year, and month. In Attendance Software, Admin/Manager can check the total present and absent employees. Employee attendance system helps you track, store, and manage ongoing operations on a real-time basis. The system supports automating the salary process and eliminates employee time theft and manages the attendance of employees online.

Admin/Manager can Add Daily Attendance.
Import Bulk Employees Attendance (CSV/Excel Format).
Employee Login Section for Daily Attendance.

Able to Make Daily Attendance According to Shift and Department.
Biometric Device Integration.
Able to View Monthly Attendance.

What is Attendance Management Software ?

Attendance Management Software or Attendance Management System manages attendance of your employee working hours and maintains in and out attendance lists of employees. It is a system that companies use to track and monitor employee activity more efficiently.

Attendance Management System in PHP HR

In PHP HR, Admin or Authorized team member can make or import daily attendance according to department or shift. Employee can also make their attendance from employee login section. An authorized manager or staff member can manage employee presence or absence according to in-and-out timestamp. Admin or authorized personnel can view employees monthly attendance reports.

Attendance Management System FAQs

In PHP HR, attendance can be done  in four ways:

  • Manually.
  • Bulk Data Import (CSV Format).
  • Employee Login Section.
  • Finger Print, Face Recognition, Biometric or RFID Device.

Attendance Section -> Daily Attendance

Attendance Section -> Attendance Report
Attendance management software system

Manage Employee -> Employee Details
employee attendance details

In employee login, the employee can mark their respective attendance.
employee online attendance

Yes, You can.

Yes, In their login section.

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Attendance Management Software Demo Video

Attendance management software enables a manager, who’s located in a remote location, to view who’s in! Overtime and time management issues can be resolved between managers and their employees based on accurate and real-time attendance data. Attendance management enables real-time tracking and provides automated inputs for payroll processing. This helps in managing alternative payment schedules and makes all information available in real-time.

Importance of The Attendance Management System

In PHP HR, Attendance Management System keeps track of your employee hours. This HR system is used to track the time your employee enters an organization and the time they leave. PHP HR Attendance System, allows the admin to calculate the hours for which employees work accurately. It is important for companies where employees work on an hourly basis and an organization needs to calculate the wages of an employee accurately.
In PHP HR, you can track the in-out timing of an employee. Tracking employee time will also let you know if your employee is punctual or not. This will work if you track the exact time they enter or leave. You can also have a check to, an employee whether he shows up late or skips out early from work.
The attendance management system in PHP HR helps you to keep track of how many days off your employees use. This is very important if your business has a policy that lets employees use a certain number of sick leave or vacation days.
In PHP HR, the admin can easily integrate biometric device. A Biometric Management System primarily verifies the identity of the worker and captures one’s time of entry and exit by his/her fingerprint. Such systems are highly regarded these days. Admin can easily make daily attendance according to department or shift so that you don’t have to worry about making different records.

Accuracy & Security

Accuracy is the main thing in this as it records time correctly. Attendance by manual may sometimes lead to errors. So to maintain accurate information regarding the attendance of the employees, the Attendance Management system is used. PHP HR Attendance Management System is Advanced API based highly reliable and secure attendance software that can help prevent time theft.

Saving Money & Increased Production

Managing the attendance manually may be a time taking and expensive affair. As it requires bundles of papers to note the attendance and takes time for noting them on those papers. To get rid of this Attendance management system is used as it helps in managing the use of resources which will automatically lead to an increase in production and the profits rate.

The Attendance Management system is an important system for any company. It may be small, medium, large or extra-large for storing the details of the employee’s attendance or to manage the Attendance of the employees efficiently the Employee Management System is very useful. This is the most common feature for many companies’ software and is being used by them.

PHP HR Features

Employee Management System

Employee Management System

The employee management system is the place where the employee details like employee personal details, attendance, salary, leaves etc, will be stored, and managed. View More...

Attendance Management System
Attendance Management System

The Attendance Management System is the system that manages the attendance of the employees, which records the employee’s day to day attendance list either present or absent. View More...

Payroll Management System

Payroll Management System

Payroll Management System is the system that deals with the payments like salaries to the employees. It also performs things like creating payslips, calculating payments, withholding tax and depositing monthly payments into the designated bank accounts. View More...

Leave Management System

Leave Management System

The Leave Management System helps in asking for, granting, and maintaining the leave of an employee. This shows the manager the leave list of the employees on a particular day. View More...

Document Management System

Document Management System

The Document Management System helps us to maintain employee documents like Resume, Aadhar card Bank copy, Mark lists etc. The company's authorized persons can add, delete the multiple documents in this section. View More...

Employees Shift Management System

Employees Shift Management System

The Employee Management System keeps an eye on the shift timings of the employees so that we can easily manage multiple shifts in our organization. View More...

Performance Management System

Performance Management System

The Performance Management System helps us identify the performance of an employee. Here the higher officials or managers can give ratings to the employees based on their performance in the company. View More...

Biometric Attendance System

Biometric Management System

Biometric Management System is a face, eye, identity card or finger recognition system that identifies the person by their face, eye, identity card or finger and makes note of details like the time in and out to maintain the attendance list of that person. View More...

Factory Production Management System

Factory Production Management System

Factory Production Management system helps to keep an eye on all the products produced in the company. By this, we can identify the company's growth. It helps in tracking employees productivity day by day and also reports on the products produced in the company. View More...

Holiday Management System

Holiday Management System

In Holiday Management System, the authorized company person can add holidays or can check details too. The Holiday Management System gives information to the employees about their holidays. It shows us the list of holidays for an employee available in a year, month or week. View More...

User Management System

User Management System

The User Management System is used in performing activities like adding users' information, updating information, and deleting users. This helps the manager to handle multiple users' data efficiently. View More...

Assets Management System

Assets Management System

Asset Management System keeps records of all the assets of the company. It always monitors the company's assets. View More...

Free Attendance Management Software Download

When you implement time and attendance systems, you can prevent payroll errors and ensure accurate pay for your staff. Attendance management software is tracked in real-time, with data automatically being sent to a central system. This simplifies record keeping and ensures accurate pay.
Online attendance management software is a attendance monitoring system helps the human resource department to keep track of employees in and out time details. HR tools also support various other functionalities such as the generation of real-time reports, leave management, shift management, and overtime management. Free attendance management software is a free and efficient attendance management system. It helps you to control work hours, manage earnings and costs. Increase your productivity today by eliminating hours of paperwork. Open source-based attendance management system is a attendance tracking software that envisions building a happier workforce for both small and large-sized enterprises by streamlining their attendance management activities. It provides significant attendance information and helps to track employee performance.
The attendance management system is a feature of the PHP HR System. With the attendance management software employees can check their daily attendance. Admin/Manager can import employee attendance. We can check attendance by date wise also in PHP HR System. Employee leave and shift management systems have an impact on the attendance management system. Here you can get the employees attendance by date-wise and you can make changes in time and out time also. With the help of an attendance management system, the admin keeps track of employee working hours.

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