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HR software is a digital platform that allows businesses to manage key tasks and processes relating to managing employees. PHP HR is a great HR software solution for small and medium sized businesses. PHP HR is a web-based self-hosted application for the HR and admin departments in organizations. It is designed to track an employee’s attendance, leaves, payroll, performance, and salary slips – this will impact performance at peak capacity.

PHP HR is self-hosted employee management software. Self-hosted HR or HRM software, is a complete Human Resource Management software that runs or executes on your own server. So, you just need to download the application and upload it to your server. As all files and databases will be stored on your server, no one can hack or share your data or information with third parties or your competitors.

HR Management Software - Features

Attendance Management System

An attendance management system helps you track your employee’s working hours. It is the system you use to manage records of the time your employees work and the time they take off. Attendance management can be done in many ways which are as follows- owner can manually impose attendance of employees, the import CSV file for many employees, or you can also use Biometric devices to capture attendance. The employee can also impose their attendance via their login panel. Admin can check all the employee’s attendance reports according to their department, shift, year-wise, or month-wise. An attendance management system helps your organization’s HR department to verify who is clocking in and clocking out at what time. So, you can only pay your employees for the time they work. It also tracks absenteeism in your organization so that you can manage work efficiently. It saves a lot of time and increases the productivity of your organization.

Leave Management System

A leave management system is a system that keeps records of an employee’s leave in an organization. It has the feature of leave requested by an employee for a specific time period and their owner or manager can accept or decline their request. A leave management system is an HR platform that keeps a record of all employee leave requests. PHP HR leave management system helps to manage credit leave or leave type and you can also manage credit leave according to yearly, half-yearly, quarterly, monthly.

Performance Management System

A performance management system is a function of managing the performance of employees in the organization. It allows the company to ensure that employees are working efficiently or not. In performance management software, the admin can check the performance of an employee. In PHP HR, the performance management system admin can check and edit employees’ monthly performance so that it helps the admin at the time of employee’s appraisal.

Payroll Management System

A payroll management system is software that is used to manage all your employee’s financial records in a simple and automated mode. Including employee’s salaries, deductions, other conveyance, net pay, bonuses, and generation of pay-slips. It is beneficial to create employees’ payslips based on their attendance and work. Payroll can be created in multiple ways which are based on payscale, monthly based, weekly, hourly, or unit-based. With PHP HR you can create unlimited payroll and also add their allowance and deductions. Here, you can create payroll based on an employee’s payscale and create payroll for a specific time duration. You can also manage payment methods and employees or admin also can download payslips when they want. The payroll management system helps to prepare ITR and determine how much tax to be paid. You can get a payment status option so that you can manage salary paid or unpaid.

Document Management System

A document management system is used to manage the document in your organization. It keeps all documents in an organized and secure way. Today, if you run a large organization then it is difficult to manage each employee’s record and keep safe from others. It is a time-consuming process so DMS helps you to keep all records in a digitized way. These records are stored in a centralized database on your server so that you can access records from anywhere at any time when you want.

Biometric Attendance System

A biometric attendance system is a face, thumb impression, or fingerprint recognition system which helps you to track employees’ clock-in and clock-out time. Biometric attendance is a digital signature of an employee’s presence in an organization. It takes attendance quickly and correctly. PHP HR is integrated with a biometric device so that all attendance records are maintained efficiently and effectively. A biometric attendance system reduces time theft and spends less time, money, and effort.

Employee Management System

The employee management system is a platform where you can manage all tasks related to work and the important personal details of an employee. This information is stored and managed in organized or secure in your server. All data is stored in a centralized database so that all information is available when you want. In PHP HR, you can also manage employees’ documents like their resumes, contract, or other documents. In a large organization, it is difficult to manage all employees’ information in an excel sheet, it is a time-consuming process, so our employee management system helps you to manage employees and save your time and effort. In PHP HR, you can manage unlimited employees and you can also manage their attendance, payroll details, leaves and more, in a single platform. An employee management system reduces the workload on the HR department of your organization.

Factory Production System

Factory production system helps to manage daily production in your organization. The factory production system can be done by track or record daily production so that you can track your employee’s productivity in a day which helps you to grow your daily production and keep growing business. Factory production management is the process of planning, organizing, and controlling the production process. It assists you to increase product quality and proficiency. It is important for the manufacturing industry or factory.

Assets Management System

The assets management system is used to manage records of an organization’s assets. It helps to assign assets or resources to employees and keep a record of these assets’ information. An asset management system is useful to the admin who is located in a remote location, to view how many assets are in the organization and which assets are assigned to whom employee, which is beneficial for both means its established transparency between company assets and employees.

Employee Shift Management Software

Employee shift management software helps to manage employees’ shifts. Employee shift management is a part of an organization, to manage the different types of shifts and help the organization to plan and schedule shifts without any complication. In PHP HR employee shift management software helps you to manage multiple shifts in your organization so that you can easily rotate your employees in multiple shifts such as morning shift, evening shift, weekly shift, WFH also. Employee shift management is very essential for the industries that work 24*7. It helps to manage employees and keep track of employees’ shifts. It saves your time and avoids confusion related to shifts. It helps you grow your business and improve the productivity of your employee. It also helps you to create new shifts and schedule them for employees so that they can work according to their preferences.

Holiday Management System

The holiday management system is a very essential tool for an organization either it may be a small organization or a large organization. Because you have to manage time off and holidays throughout the year. Holidays are government-approved days that an organization provides for its employees as a day from work for a specific reason, like Christmas, National Holiday, or other festivals. In PHP HR, a Holiday management system you can add holiday or can check holiday details also. It provides the feature for an employee to see holiday at any moment.

User Management Software

User management software keeps your software’s user information and manages their activity. In PHP HR, you can manage unlimited users and assign them their roles and access. User management software is the best option for all types of companies such as small companies, medium-sized company or large companies. User management software helps the admin to keep track of the user’s login and logout details. User management is responsible for manage user in your organization and assigns them their rights so that you can manage that which user access which type of data.

Product: PHP HR
Version: 11
Release Date: 11-11-2022
Last Update: 14-03-2023 (click here  to view more about the latest updates)
Major Updates:

  • SMTP Email Template
  • Employee Document Expiry Notification
  • Employee Profile Management
  • Employee Performance Management
  • Added Advanced Recruitment Module
  • Job Listing and Auto Sync Candidates From Multiples Websites Via API.
  • Candidates Assessment Module and Online Exam Features.
  • Employee Task or Work Management.
  • Employee Daily Work Status Report.
  • Loan Management System.
  • Reimbursement Management System.
  • Added More Security Features.

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Note: Updates And Bug Fixes Are 100% Free For Current Customers.

Product: PHP HR
Version: 9
Release Date: 09-09-2020
Major Updates:

  • Added Performance Management Module
  • Added Leave Management.
  • Added Certificated & Holiday Management.

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Product: PHP Payroll & PHP HR
Version: PHP Payroll 1-7 & & PHP HR 1-7
Release Date: 11-11-2011
PHP HR and PHP Payroll Before 2020 Version Is Not Available in Achieve.

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HR software simplifies and optimizes human resources management in ever evolving ways. PHP HR management system helps HR managers to perform their daily activities effectively. These daily tasks may comprise reminders (employee birthdays, work anniversaries), updates on events, a collaboration between departments, resource sharing, training schedules, and more.

This PHP HR software system is a professionally developed by experienced developers team.

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