Employee Leave Management System In India

A leave is the official permission of an employee’s absence from company for a specific time period.

While working in an organization, everyone needs leave when they are sick, they have urgent work, they need to go somewhere or due to any personal issue. But it becomes very difficult to manage the leaves of every employee without any particular system. It requires systematic way for managing leaves of every employee.

Types Of Leaves in India

Privilege Leave Or Earned Leave

This type of leave is availed for the contribution made by the employee. This type of leave is also known as vacation leave. It is typically used for personal reasons such as vacations, to observe festivals that are not declared holidays, etc. It is mandatory as per labor loss. It can also be converted into cash through a process of leave encasement.

Casual Leave

These leaves are accommodate any urgent/unforeseen personal requirement. There is combined entitlement of casual leave and sick leave in some states like Delhi.

Sick Leave

This type of leave is provided on the grounds of sickness or in case of accident. It is mandatory for every company to avail sick leave.

Maternity Leave

As per the maternity benefit act of 1961, women are availed of 26 weeks of paid leave if they have worked for at least 80 days in the 12 months preceding the expected delivery date. This leave is applicable for the first to children only (in case of third child only 12 weeks leave can be availed).

Compensatory Off

If an employee has to work on a weekend or holiday, they are offered a compensatory of on any other working day.

Marriage Leave

Marriage leave is granted for anywhere between 1 to 15 days. However, most companies tend to give 3 days of marriage leave as the norm. The HR department may require either an invitation card or marriage certificate as proof. Eligibility for this leave is only once during an employee’s entire employment period in the organization.

Paternity Leave

This leave is offered to expectant fathers after a child is born. It is meant for fathers to take care of the new-born and the mother. This leave entitlement varies from 2 days to 4 weeks and depends entirely on the employer’s policies.

Bereavement Leave

It is granted when there is a death in the family or losing a loved one. This type of leave can be availed from 2 to 20 days.

Loss of Pay (LOP)/Leave Without Pay (LWP)/Unpaid Leave

When an employee avails of this type of leave, there is a loss of income. Any leave availed in violation of leave policy is considered LOP. For egg:- Mr. A works in a XYZ Ltd. Went on a vocation without any prior information in company or approval of leave, he will lose his income for the duration. This is termed as LOP/Unpaid leave.

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