Interview For Employment

An interview is a formal conversation or a discussion between a candidate seeking a job and an employer to decide whether the candidate should be hired
or not. It is a one-on-one conversation between an interviewer and an interviewee. In this formal conversation, the employer questions the candidate.
and decides to choose them for the organization depending on the answers that The candidate answers the questions. Interviews are conducted to test
candidates’ background, knowledge, skills, abilities, behavior, and attitude. After evaluating the answers from the candidate, he/she will be selected for a
job role and sent an offer letter.

An interview is conducted to verify the precision of the provided data by the candidate. It helps to attain additional information about the skills, abilities, and knowledge of the candidate. It helps in checking whether the candidate is suitable for the job or not. In the interview, the interviewer provides the necessary descriptions of the job and the company and also informs them about the company’s expectations from them.

Structured Interview

A structured interview is a traditional form of an interview. It gives the chance to examine all the candidates’ skills and abilities impartially. At the time of evaluation, these questions help the interviewer to compare the responses and to choose the best and hire them.

Unstructured Interview

An unstructured interview is an interview where there is no set format to follow so, the interview can take various directions. As there is a lack of structure, this allows the interviewer to ask follow-up questions and pursue points of interest as they develop. It is an interview where open-ended questions are asked. A different set of questions are asked to different

Stress Interview

This is a type of interview where the interviewer makes the applicant uncomfortable by questioning rude questions. This interview aims to put the interviewee in a stressful situation to test their presence of mind and their sensitivity.

Panel Interview

This interview is also called a board interview, which is conducted by a team of interviewers, who interview each candidate and then combine their evaluations and ratings into a final score. Each panel interviewer rates each interviewee on work history, motivations, creative thinking, qualifications, and presentation.

One-to-One Interview

A one-to-one interview is an interview where the interviewer meets the candidate one-to-one; a formal conversation takes place face to face about the candidates’ skills and abilities. General and technical questions are asked to the candidate to check their suitability.

HR Personal Interview Questions Sample : HR Interview Questions Example

Top 30 HR Personal Round Of Interview Questions And Answers For Intern, Fresher and Professionals.

Great, thank you. (or) Doing good, thank you.

My name is X, born and brought up in Bangalore. I’ve completed my schooling at XYZ school. I’m a graduate from XYZ university. My father is working as X and my mother is a homemaker. Myself an elder of a sibling, I have learned to set an example for my siblings whenever needed.

I’m a person with a positive attitude. I keep myself motivated and also get socialized with people easily. In my college days, I’ve done a project
where a led a team where we had tasks like XYZ which I was able to complete well due to my skill in XYZ. I’m a quick learner, a self motivator, and a team player.

My weaknesses are, that I’m a little nervous while speaking in a group and remain quiet in meetings, but I’m trying to overcome this issue.

I’ve achieved a lot in sports until now and also participated in the national level extravaganza event XYZ conducted in our college. I’ve won a prize
for a project work done in my college. I’ve been an active participant in so many competitions like XYZ and won in the same.

As a fresher, I’m focused on learning, I haven’t thought so much about it. I expect a salary that will be reasonable due consideration to my qualification and experience.

I would go for job satisfaction. Job satisfaction makes me work productively and naturally. Working for money would not be exciting and fulfilling.

In my college days, I received comments about me that I work seriously on my task. I have also done a few works to blend better with colleagues.

I look at my boss as a person who can easily understand me and be transparent. A boss should be a person with a sense of humor.

Yes, I would be willing to do that to the best of my ability. I believe I can manage my personal issues without causing conflicts when the management needs me the most.

Definitely yes. I’m an XYZ graduate and I’ve chosen subjects in my college and I have prepared myself for this job role. So, I think my skills will match this job.

There are emergency situations that may occur and I would be required to work overtime and I won’t deny it. I would be working for the organization whenever the organization requires me to.

I give full commitment to my work and make sure I complete the given tasks under the stipulated time so I consider myself standing out among others.

I choose to take risks because it is great to learn and bring in ideas but it requires a lot of care. If both hard and smart work with risk is done, it would be a great success.

As this job role fits my skills, I would like to be in this organization for a longer period. I would be a great asset to this company as long as the management sees me as an asset.

A large number of members of various skills and interests is known as a group and a team is where the teammates have similar skills and common objectives that they are focused on achieving.

Hard work is when one involves commitment and seriousness towards the job or the task. It means working hard and honestly and taking up responsibilities for the task. Smart work is when one completes a task with creative and rational ideas adapting to situations quickly and making the task easier and working intelligently.

I get anxious and tensed in completing a task given in new areas to me. As I’m a fast learner, I know that I can learn them quickly and complete the given tasks and also gain experience in the same.

I consider myself a team player because whenever a task is assigned to me, I make it a point to reach out to my teammates whenever needed and work with them to achieve the objectives.

I left my previous job because I worked more hours and also worked overtime and was paid less than I expected. I feel I want to do more, and get hold of greater opportunities to serve.

I was working in a company named XYZ where I was placed through my college placements.

I’m quite aware of the company’s mission and I believe that I have the perfect combination of skills and experience that is required for this role. Being experienced in problem-solving and creative thinking, I believe that my dedication to great work standards will add value to your company and also to the team.

I was excited to see the featured employers talking about their experience on your company website and I thought this is the place where I can fit in and gain experience as well as knowledge at the same time, I was also excited to see that you have an opening.

I love photography and always wanted to secure an award in a competition held for photographers. Unfortunately, after a lot of practice and improvements, I could not make it through the finals. That was one of my biggest failures of mine.

A leader motivates employees and inspires them to follow the leader as an example. They listen to their employees rather than talking above them. A boss forces employees to work without guidance and expectations and also dominates conversations. They only expect the employees to listen to what they say and carry their commands.

I believe myself as a productive person and the responsibility towards my work motivates me and also aim to move up to greater levels to achieve the goals with better responsibilities.

I’m an active person and always try to keep up with time and complete the given tasks in the stipulated time. In my college days where I had to compete in two competitions and I had planned out my work in such a way that I completed my work in the stipulated time and also won prizes in both of those competitions.

I got to find your company through the website, job posting in the newspaper and was also referred by a friend who is currently working in your company as XYZ.

Thank you for giving me this opportunity. I would like to know my job role in detail and please tell me my work shift.

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