Recruitment Tracker

A recruitment tracker software is used to track job applications, interviews, and candidate hiring step online.

Recruitment can be defined as the overall process of identifying, sourcing, screening, shortlisting, and interviewing candidates for jobs within an organization. The recruitment and selection of candidates can be the most exciting as well as the most stressful and time-consuming task for an HR manager. When they are limited resources to carry on the recruitment process, it can become overwhelming and tiring.

Recruitment Tracker Software

A recruitment tracker, which is also known as an applicant tracking system, is a software that recruiters and employers use to organize, filter, track and hire candidates from start to finish. It also puts your whole recruitment team together on one page with a uniform database, allowing everyone to quickly interact. This further implies that in order to land a job interview, applicants would have to go that extra mile and optimize their CVs to make them Tracker-friendly. Without the help of this recruitment tracker, some recruiters will not see 70% of the resumes they receive.

Some of the Amazing features that you will find in recruitment tracker software include—

  • Resume parsing
  • Advanced search
  • Candidate sourcing
  • In-built CRM software
  • Email templates
  • Advanced reports
  • Various integrations

What Is The Role Of A Recruitment Tracker?

The recruitment tracker It is put in place to simplify the work of the HR manager and save time, resources and cost for the company. Some of the roles of the recruitment tracker are as follows:

  •  It helps in maintaining a database of new applicants and people who may be prospects for future openings.
  •  It eliminates unqualified candidates and recommends the best fit for a position based on the parameters set by HR and Only those on the shortlist are moved to the next stage of the hiring process.
  •  It sets up to automation responses, sends out interview reminders, and alerts people in the database to new job openings. It acts as a form of customer relationship management.
  •  It automates time-consuming administrative tasks such as manually screening applicants, reading resumes, scheduling interviews, and sending notifications and emails to job candidates and employees.

Advantages /benefit Of A Recruitment Tracker Panel


It makes the recruitment process faster by eliminating the manual aspect of recruitment. A fast recruitment process is mandatory in a competitive job market because when the recruitment process takes too long to complete, there is a greater tendency to lose the perfect candidate to your competitors. This issue mostly happens in high demand industries.


Using a recruitment tracker ensures that every applicant considered for a specific job is fully qualified and meets the standards necessary to do the job correctly. It can shuffle through applicants easily, looking for keywords that help them organize and consider candidates. According to research, 80% of recruiters claim to have improved quality of hire ever since they made use of the recruitment tracker.


Companies spend a lot of money and time to post jobs on job boards. It is expensive to juggle job boards with no assurance that you will get the best candidate from there but, the Recruitment tracker allows you to share the job posting on every social network and many other job-seeking platforms with a single click. Each site, as well as the company’s own website, has a consistent and branded job posting.


Once the candidate accepts the job offer, the process of onboarding begins. The information collected during the application process, such as location, service provisioning requirements, skill sets, and other critical information must be made available to new hiring managers and other relevant onboarding stakeholders. Effective data integration between these critical systems and processes ensures a fast and productive process.


It schedules and sends automated, but personalized emails to candidates and invites them to your interviews, workshops and meetups. However, automated registration, reminders and follow-ups will ensure that all your messages are delivered at the right time.

How To Choose A Recruitment Tracker

They are many types of recruitment tracking systems and it is important to know how to how to choose the best recruitment tracker that will fit your needs perfectly. 4 steps that will help you save time, stay focused, and choose the best Recruitment Software that perfectly suits your needs, which are:
•  Define your recruitment challenges
•  Research for Recruitment tracker software providers
•  Do a Demo of your top Recruitment Software solutions
•  Select the best after a free trial

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