Role Of An Intern In A Company

An intern is a developing professional who usually works at a company for a short period of time to gain knowledge about a particular field.

At the beginning of the internship, the interns may use their time simply to try to learn how the company works. They may shadow an employee to get an understanding of their role. After a day or a few days of learning the ins-and-outs of the company, the interns can start to assist and contribute more to the team.

Role Of An Intern

Contribution And Assistance To The Team

The following are the day-to day roles of an intern in a company:
• Performing basic duties like making PowerPoint presentations, generating reports, researching trends, and the like.
• The interns may be asked to handle the company’s social media accounts, write emails to customers, speak to clients on the phone, and similar duties. This may also include designing social media posts and creating a general strategy for your posts.
• Interns are often asked to look after the scheduling of important events. They may be asked to prepare for an important event or a meeting. From booking the location to assisting the creation of a theme, to sourcing the key speakers.
• Interns fresh from a university education have a great deal of latest knowledge. The organization may put this knowledge to good use by placing the interns in a research role to look into a new project and give recommendations on how best to execute it.

To Learn And Gain Experience

Learning hard skills: Hard skills consists of the technical skills that an intern needs to carry out their responsibilities and job duties successfully.

Enhance their soft skills: Soft skills are as vital as hard skills. It is all about your ability to connect with people and building mutually-beneficial relationships. This includes emotional intelligence, motivation, people-skills, listening, and excellent communication. Interns need soft skills to manage clients and not to mention get along with your managers and colleagues. Soft skills are key to navigating your work environment and can even contribute to growth in the company.

Proactive In Accepting Responsibility

Interns should expect to share an increasing amount of responsibility. Initially, the company will gauge and monitor the interns’ current skill set and reliability with the initial workload. As and when the company finds that they be entrusted with more crucial tasks. Basically, the better an intern performs, the more responsibilities they will be given.
This is an excellent opportunity to showcase their abilities to their employer. This can also help contribute to receiving a PPO (Pre-placement offer). However, interns should not overdo it and take up more tasks than they can handle. Organizations prefer quality over quantity – Interns should not be afraid to ask for help if needed.

A Good Company For An Intern

A good company according to me, should have the following characteristics –

A well-conceived plan

A good company needs a good business plan which is well-thought and executed. It considers our finance, product development, distribution and marketing plans.

Effective Leadership

Leaders will provide open communication and build strong relationships.

Willing to take risks

Successful businesses have owners who are passionate enough about the business to take risks when they realize that these risks can lead to being able to do business better. The company must be flexible and ready to be on board with technology and culture. The company must also avoid taking risks without sufficient planning.

Encourage a healthy work environment

Workers should be suited to the jobs they do and policies should be designed to motivate them to achieve success. The company needs to commit resources and time to train their employees. In the current scenario of WFH, companies should maintain a good work-life balance for employees.

Develop Social Awareness

A good company must develop a positive image in society.

Provide excellent customer service

No matter how many of these good company qualities your business exhibits, if you don’t provide your customers with excellent service, you may not be able to maintain a customer base. Always be sure to pay attention to customer concerns and handle them quickly and fairly.

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