Employee Documents After Selection

Employee Document is also known as HR document management. It is the process of retaining, filling, organizing and managing company records and employee information.

It is important for employees to submit the documents while joining the company because it is important for the company to verify the person to whom they are hiring, background of the family, educational qualification, criminal records, and what are their skillsets. In today’s era competition is high so companies cannot share their personal data with any person, so before sharing the data they do verification about the person their past experiences. So that why after onboarding verification is important so that after verification they can start their work.
Nowadays, human resources specialists use software called an HR document management system to securely and efficiently manage documents that are stored online. With the help of other electronic HR files and the conversion of paper to digital format, it eliminates the need for filing cabinets by storing and managing information online. It streamlines otherwise complicated HR records filing, finding, retaining, and archiving procedures. In this people can store every employee data in one place by this makes their work easier and faster.

Documents HR Collect After Selection

Onboarding Paperwork

Every time a new employee joins a company, they go through an onboarding procedure. As part of this procedure, new hires are given a ton of paperwork to complete and give personal information on. This involves the sharing of employee very private details.

Primary Documentation

  • Acceptance of the offer letter.
  • Last 3 month pay slip of previous 2 organizations.
  • Aadhar card/ Driver license /Pan card.
  • Updated Resume.
  • Marksheet and certificate.
  • Passport Size Photograph.

In primary documentation HR wants a basic information about the employee so that they can able to do verification about the employees.

Acceptance of the offer letter

After selection it is important for the employees to accept the offer letter. It means that employee is agree about the rules , policies , work , role ,holidays and designation and want to join the company

Last 3 month Pay slip of previous 2 organization

They want pay slip for knowing the past track record of the employee like if their track record is clean. how their work is and they are changing job by their own or they are debarred from the organization.

Aadhar card/ Driver license /Pan card

This is crucial document which every document needs . It is type of the identity proof of the employee like from Aadhaar card they know about the address proof of the employee and from the Pan card they get proof about the identity of the employees.

Updated Resume

They want to know if the skill, past experience and your skill is aligned with company needs or not, and they want to know if you need training according to the role of an employee. Like if they need extra skill or any application so they give training and offline courses so that they can upgrade themselves accordingly.

Employee Record Management Process

These are some critical steps to include in your employee file management procedure:

Marksheet and certificates

HR want to collect marksheet and certification for the verification of the educational background of an employee ( 10th, 12th , graduation and masters marksheet).

6- Passport Size Photograph

Passport size photographs are important for the identification of the employee and to complete the documentation of the employee.

Secondary Documentation

  • Bank Account Information.
  • Health and medical information.
  • Social Security No /UNI NO for provident Fund.
  • Any other relevant documents as per the organization

After primary documentation HR continue the documentation one step forward

Bank Account Information

They want bank information for the salary and UAN no for providing fund information.

Health and medical information

HR needs health and medical information for the insurance facilities. Many companies provide health insurance facilities to the employees and also want to know the health status of the employee.

Social Security No

HR needs social security no for the continuation of the Provident fund of an employee so that they can continue their PF account at their new, current and future company.

Every company has their own policies and culture, so according to their needs and rules they can ask for other important documents like demand account, certification, personal details and other documents.

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