Employee Documents For HR Department

An employee documentation management is the process of keeping, maintaining, and organizing employee required documents and files.

Using Employee Document Management, you can keep several files on each employee. With the help of this feature, you can keep track of documents like the family photo of an employee, a letter of resignation from a previous employer, copies of certificates, passports, and more. The files may be in a variety of digital formats, including excel, pdf, images, and videos.
Employee Document Management gives users access to storage, a filing system, quick document retrieval, the ability to specify who can view sensitive documents, and the ability to schedule document deletion. It is efficient, secure, and reduces compliance risks. It is cloud-based.

Importance of Employee Document Management

Employee documentation management provides credibility that shows employees are treated fairly and consistently.

Organizing The Digital Chaos

You can clean up the enormous digital mess you unintentionally made with the help of a document management system. All of us have documents scattered across our desktop folders, laptops, PCs, mobile devices, cloud storage, and other devices.
When needed, it becomes very challenging to find a specific file. You can store all of your documents in one place and search them using a document management system. You can also create digital documents with the aid of a great document management system.

Lessen Your Dependence on Paper

If your business still relies on paper documents, switching to a document management system can help you cut back on paper use and save money on printing, storing, upkeep, filing, and other related expenses.

Boost general office productivity

In this day and age, when your rivals are out there, on your tail, you cannot afford to waste time and effort managing your digital documents. When you spend the majority of your time searching for your digital documents across numerous platforms and devices, it prevents you from performing the tasks for which you were hired and from significantly boosting the revenue of your business.

Make it simple to access information

The ease of access to information provided by a document management system is a significant benefit. A central repository for all files, documents, web links, and other rich media is offered by document management systems. This makes it incredibly simple for team members to quickly access information from any device, regardless of where they are.

Documents Collected by The HR After Selection

A resignation letter from your previous employer

A professional document for notifying employers of a job termination is a resignation letter. The decision’s justifications are stated in great detail. To officially end your contract with your previous employer and begin your new one, the employer needs a resignation letter from you.

Certificate of Experience

A written document that an employer gives to an employee at the end of their employment with the company is known as an experience certificate. Unfortunately, a lot of businesses do not follow the custom of giving their workers experience certificates. In this situation, you can kindly request one and explain your need.

The most recent salary revision or appraisal letter from the previous employer

An appraisal letter evaluates a person’s performance over a predetermined time frame. The letter includes updated information about your position and salary, which is crucial for your new employer. The details included in the appraisal letter’s components also aid in evaluating your performance.

Bank statements or pay stubs

Bank statements or pay stubs are typically required to confirm any salary issues that your employer may have made. It serves as both evidence and a statement of your income and deductions. In addition, it serves as the foundation for calculating income tax.

Highest Level of Education Certificate

Verifying your educational history is a crucial component of many background checks you undergo when applying for a job. Additionally, getting to know you as a potential hire helps the employer. In addition, recruiters think candidates with the highest degree have more skills than those without one.

A Copy of PAN card

PAN cards assist businesses in verifying your personal information. Organizations conduct a proper identity check to prevent candidates from being impersonated by bogus candidates. Additionally, it serves as a trustworthy record for your signature, father’s name, and date of birth.

Aadhar Card Copies

Aadhar is a single document that serves as an age proof, identity proof, and address proof. It is a legally acceptable identity proof. Organizations can safely receive and use the information on the Aadhar card.

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