Employee Quality Improvement Steps In Organization

Employees may be classified as “excellent” or as those that “exceed standards” or below standards. They are flexible, willing to change, and can adapt to different roles.

The employer should start an Employee Quality Improvement Step for the employees who are not able to perform well and give them a time period of 30-90 days to improve their performance. An employer should guide employees and show them the right direction. They should conduct training programs for the employees for the specific job profile they are performing and also plan development programs for employees for their overall growth and performance.

This process is generally costly as the training and development program incurs huge costs. Manager should identify underperforming employees by reviewing their performance, productivity, punctuality, effectivity, and efficiency. If they are unable to improve their performance within the given time period, then the employer can terminate them.

Step To Effective Employee Quality Improvement

For an effective employee quality improvement step a Manager should:

Identify the reason behind low performance of employees

An employee should first of all identify employees who are not performing well. The employer can do this by providing the employees with some common tasks or projects and analyzing who is performing effectively and efficiently and who is not performing well. This will help the employer identify those employees so that they can work on improving their performance.

Provide proper support and counseling to the employees

The employer should identify the reasons behind non- performance of the employees and should support and counsel them properly. The employer should know whether the issues are related to the environment of the company, non- availability of resources or personal/family problems and try to resolve the problem as much as possible so that their performance can improve.

Set proper goals and objectives for employees

The Manager/employer should help the employees to set goals and objectives for them so that they can get motivated and work hard to achieve them and link those personal goals to organizational goals and objectives. Employee should make some personal goals to achieve which will eventually help in achieving organizational goals and objectives as employees will show their efforts, hard work and dedication to achieve them.

Communicate with the employees regularly

Communication is very important as it helps in exchange of thoughts and ideas. The employer should communicate with employees regularly and should take regular feedback from them. They should know the issues the employees are facing during work and try to resolve them.

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Provide proper training and development program for employees

Employees who are lacking in skills should be given proper training and development so that they can contribute more to the organization. The employees should be experts in their field but should also have some basic knowledge about the other fields of the organization.
A manager should listen to its employees regarding the issues they are facing and should take regular feedback from the employees and try to provide a better working environment for employees to work in. A manager should make them feel that they have a secure future with the organization and prepare them for future challenges. A manager should help them to create goals and objectives for them and motivate them to take action and meet the expected performance and behavior.

Manager should also track and review the performance of the employees regularly and give them proper feedback on the basis of their performance. If an employee is performing well, then the manager should appreciate their performance, hard work, and efforts but if an employee is underperforming, then the manager should motivate them to perform better.
If the employees show progress during the employee quality improvement plan, then they should remain in the organization but if any employee, even after the duration of employee quality improvement plan, is inefficient and underperforming, then they should be terminated.

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