Employee Offer Letter

An offer letter is the official written document that offers a potential employee to the official declaration for which he/she got selected.

An official document that states the selection of a candidate in the respective organization for the job role he/she may have applied for. Offer Letter is a mandatory document given to every employee on the joining of the company by the company which specifies terms and conditions of an employee’s life cycle in that organization which employee has to adhere to. Key terms that are written in the document includes job title /position , Name/position of the supervisor/ employer , full time or part time schedule, timing of shift, exempted and non exempted conditions if any , duties, salary/wage structure, equity, bonuses/commissions/incentives, other non monetary benefits, at will employment status, confidentiality agreement, prior employer confidential information/ restrictions, And any contingencies. IT also mentions the belonging/assets of an organization that will be provided to the employee for his/her life cycle in that organization and that he/she will be obliged to return to them to organization back at his/her termination of employment.

Offer Letter Content

An offer letter consists of
• Job title
• Job description
• Reporting structure
• Starting date
• Salary
• Benefits and eligibility information
• Acknowledgement of offer
• Bonuses/ Incentives
• Confidentiality agreement

The candidate normally receives two letters from the organization: one is an offer letter, and the other is an appointment letter. People who are unfamiliar with these terms frequently mistake them for one and the same. However, these two are distinct and each have their own significance. An offer letter is the document which is sent to the candidate if he/she gets selected for the job applied. It is sent once all the candidate’s interviews and background checks have been completed and cleared. It usually includes information such as the start date, position, at-will, employment statement, and remuneration, as well as serving as a formal confirmation to the candidate of his or her selection.
Appointment letter, on the other hand, is a formal contract that the candidate receives only after accepting the offer letter sent to him or her by the company. It serves as documentation of employment for the candidate and can be utilized by both the company and the candidate if any of the terms and conditions stated on it are not followed. It primarily contained information such as the candidate’s title, duties under the title, terms of employment, confidentiality, termination terms, exclusivity, and archaization, as well as the compensation and perks that the candidate was entitled to receive once the job ended.

Simple Offer Letter Example and Download

Similarly, for internships and training, an offer letter is supplied. An internship letter is written with the intern in mind, and includes basic company information, clearly outlines the duties and under whom to report, the internship period, and details about the permission obtained from the intern’s college, if he or she is a graduate, postgraduate, or fresher, to do an internship. The duration of the internship is also crucial. To avoid misunderstandings on the side of the company and the candidate, it is also advisable to mention the stipend or any remuneration or incentive that will be granted to the candidate during the internship in the offer letter itself.

Now, organizations always have the option of putting the offer letter in writing or verbal, because both are legitimate in the eyes of the law, verbal in the presence of a third party. but it is always recommended to put it in writing. It is also important for safeguarding the candidate’s interests, because during the recruitment process, a company may specify a few incentives and promises to the candidate to attract the best talent to their company. but an offer letter serves as a direct and positive note or document that clearly states what a candidate should expect. It also helps to start the employment connection with the company on a positive one by clearly stating all the job requirements and responsibilities, as well as encouraging new employees to feel confident and prepare themselves to do a good job.
There may be times when a candidate must have applied to more than one company and receives offer letters from more than one company. This does not obligate the candidate to join every company, which is also not possible. So, here’s another benefit of an offer letter: it informs the candidate of his or her selection and gives them time to think about it before accepting a job offer, because once the offer is accepted, and the appointment contract is signed, the offer is no longer valid and now the candidate is legally bind with the terms and conditions of the appointment contract.

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