Warning Letter To Employee

In-company warning or notice letter is issued to employee for poor performance or misconduct after a final verbal warning.

A warning letter is a formal document which is issued by an employer to an employee for his or her misconduct, misbehavior and poor performance in the company. It contains a warning for employees to improve their behavior and performance, and it also sets an expectation for employees future behavior. This warning letter is issued under the HR managers of the company, which helps them to take control of the situation and take necessary actions that the company’s policy follows.

Basic Reasons for Writing an Employee Warning Letter

A warning letter is issued to an employee because of some reason, which are as follows:

Habitual absenteeism

A habitual absence can lead to a decline in the productivity level of employees and businesses. Once the productivity of the business is affected, then it will have a disastrous effect that can cause company to lose sales and profit as company will not be able to meet the demands of their customers.

Violation of organization’s rules and policies

Every company or business or organization have its own rules, policies, code of conduct, ethics and all the employees are bound to follow all the policies and rules of the company.

Misconduct or misbehavior

In every company there will be some instances of employee misconduct and misbehavior, which can be forgivable in some occasions but can be a big problem or a big issue when conduct professionally or in between your working.

Poor employee performance

When an employee fails to perform his or her duties, which are assigned to him or her or expected from them, this may force an HR manager to issue him or her a warning letter. This can also negatively on the work environment and the employees working with them.

Frequently late entry

Every company has its fixed working hours and every employee of the company should follow it. The entry and exit of an employee should be at the time mentioned. Late entries may reduce working hours and eventually productivity.

Misinterpretation of qualification details

There is minimum qualification required for any position or any employment, which should be correctly presented to the HR manager, as misinterpretation of these documents may lead a HR manager to issue a warning letter to the employee.

Some of the points should be considered before issuing a warning letter to an employee, the conduct issue should be clearly identified and it should be consulted with the employee, then a letter is prepared and issued to an employee.
Let’s discuss this in details.

Let’s discuss this in details.

  • Clearly identify the conduct of issue – The issue for warning letter should be clearly understood by the HR manager, before taking any action. If it looks like to take an action of issuing the offer letter to the employee then it should be done, but when its not a that big problem to take such action then the employee should be neglected.
  • Consult the employee – The employee for whom an offer letter is going to be issued should also be aware of the reason why he is being getting an offer letter from the company. The case should also be discussed with him or her. If he agrees that the mistake is being conducted by him or her then he should be given a verbal warning with a warning letter.
  • Preparation of warning letter – When he or she accepts his or her mistake, then they are issued an offer letter by the HR manager, which will be a warning for them to not to repeat the same mistake again and expected to work properly, following the policies and rules of the company.
  • Issue the warning letter to the employee – Then at last the warning letter will be issued to the employee for his mistake.

Format Of A Warning Letter

The warning letter should contain the following main points:
• Date: The official date on which the warning letter will be issued should be in the warning letter.
• Recipients address: The address or name of the employee for whom the letter is being issued.
• Sender’s address: The address or name of the employer who is issuing the letter.
• Subject: The subject should be regarding what the letter is about, which should be clear and concise.
• Salutation: A formal salutation should be followed – “Dear (employee’s name).
• Opening paragraph: Where it is mentioned that describes why the employee is getting the warning letter from the company.
• Body: It should be explained how it could be corrected or at what decision the company or the staff members arrive at.
• Closing paragraph: It should include the advisory actions to be followed, and if the next step is termination, that it can be specified here.
• Conclusion line: It should be concluded on a positive note as specified that they are the “valuable assets of the company” and they can contact the authorities till the time, the warning letter is duly signed and returned to the company. And a specific time is given to the employees for returning the letter, after acceptance.
• Name and signature of the HR: A handwritten signature should be preferred and some space should also be left for the employee to sign and accept the warning letter.

Formal Format Of An Warning Letter

Date: ______________


Ms. /Mr. / Mrs. _______________________
Emp. No. ______________
Designation _______________

Sender’s name

Subject: Employee Final warning

Dear (employee name)
This document is a formal notice of your misconduct (date and details of the conduct should be mentioned here).
On (date and day of meeting), team discussed about your behavior and at meeting (name of officers and attendants present in meeting) were present. Team discussed (about the solution of the issue).
If this continues, we need to enact (disciplinary actions).
We If you have any questions regarding this letter, please contact the HR Manager immediately. Otherwise, you have to sign and return back a copy of this letter to the office by the end of the day.

Thank you

HR Manager name

This is the formal format of a warning letter issued to employees in the company. Otherwise, a company issues different warning letters for different misconducts, misbehavior, and mistakes of an employee.
Some points need to be noted while writing an effective warning letter to an employee, which are as follows:

  • The offer letter should clearly communicate the policies of the company to the employees. By creating rules and regulations within the company, allows employees to understand how to avoid breaking them.
  • The offer letter should be structured and perfectly formatted. One can use a word processing software and format the document.
  • The offer letter should include relevant and accurate details. A brief greeting should be included, and it should be described why the team members received the letter and all the important details that an employee understands which actions lead to a warning.
  • Potential disciplinary actions should be communicated to the employee. It is important for an employee to know about the action that you are taking.
  • There should be the staff member’s signature, as if further any actions need to be taken against the employee, this will be the important proof for that.
  • Last and most important, the offer letter should be read twice before sending and should be checked whether it is professionally written and polished.

Benefits Of Issuing A Warning Letter To The Employees

  • It ensures the employees and team members to follow the rules, regulations, policies and procedures set by the company and will make them understand that when they are acting correctly or when not.
  • It demonstrates that a company’s rules, regulations, policies are same for every employee of the company. Sending every employee who misconducts, misbehave or act against the policies of the company can create an environment of fairness in the company.
  • It offers an opportunity to help an employee to make improvements in himself or herself.
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