Top 10 Ways to Show Appreciation to Employees by HR

Employee recognition is the acknowledgment of a company’s staff for exemplary performance. its act of recognizing and rewarding employee contributions to the business, either through written or verbal.

As businesses gain success, it is not just the hard work of the owners but also the talented. employees working in the organization and to retain such employees, it is essential to appreciate them in the first place. Now days people have started to quit jobs and start their own business, due to lack of motivation or with the constant 9 to 5 job, hence to retain them, to keep them motivated and to increase their productivity, appreciations play an important

Ways to Show Appreciation to Employees

Below are the 10 ways in which company HR can value their employees:

Give gift cards

One of the simplest and easiest ways to thank an employee is to provide gift cards. As it is cost effective, gives the impression for appreciation and also acts as a momentum for them for their hard work. It gives them a sense of satisfaction and motivates them to work harder to obtain such gifts in the future.

Use reward system

When an employee works hard to obtain certain results and is able to achieve it, he or she can be provided with reward points, which could help them to use to for whatever they are interested in, that could be a holiday or purchasing a new earphone.

Extra time off

At times, it becomes strenuous to complete a task in the company, and after which the employees generally feel drained and would appreciate an extra time off to either rest or to spend time with their families. Maintaining a work-life balance has become essential for today’s youth and hence this time off would help them to value the firm that they are working in and would maintain their loyalty and work harder.

Training opportunities

The technical aspects as well as different domains keeps on evolving to stay in the business world. Hence, for employees who want to learn and keep themselves up to date with certain topics or tools, they would respect the firm helping them to do so. It would not only benefit the employee but also the organization as the new aspects can help them in their business.

Saying Thank you

A hard work going unnoticed leads to employee demotivation and a loss of interest in working. Hence, when it is noticed that a certain work has been committed, a simple respect with a Thank you for making my day. Hence, when this thankyou is taken publicly, it creates more impact as it is well recognized and also acknowledged by others.

Providing money incentives

If policies in the company allow it then the company can recognize a person’s hard work by providing incentives which could be helpful for them in any way. This can be performed quarterly and the one with maximum sales or cases completed can be awarded by the incentive.

Celebrating important days

People enjoy celebrating their special days; hence when the company puts some efforts to post a birthday wish on website or provide a simple birthday or anniversary card, it makes them feel the warmth and increases the productivity as such.

Celebrating employee of the month

Recognizing an employee of the month, makes an employee increase their productivity and provide the best result to obtain that recognition. As it would give them a feeling of being awarded as well as would add up to their resume, which would actually be the true representation of your hard work.

Provide work from home options

During the Covid-19 era, work from home had become a compulsory option for most of the businesses and employees were happy about the change as it also made it possible for them to have a better work-life balance, as their time and energy of commuting was decreased and also, they could work on their multi-tasking skills. Hence, as a token of appreciation the selected employees could have the option of working from home for a day in a week for their
productivity or work delivery in the previous week.


And last but not the least, holiday trips would give the employees a break from the work and increase their efficiency after going back to the firm. Employees generally have a sedentary life style and a break like this annually, if it fits in the finances and policies of the company, would be well cherished by the employees, and in turn have a long-lasting good effect on the revenue of the business.

There are different ways to appreciate the employees and it depends on various details like the size of the company, policies, finances and many such things on which the HR can decide which type of appreciation would be well suited for their employees.

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