Employee Payroll Management System Project In PHP

Payroll is a list of company employees who are eligible to receive payments, as well as other employee benefits, as well as the amount that each person should receive. Along with the amount that each employee should receive for the hours worked or the duties performed, the payroll may also include information about past payments to company employees, including salaries. And withheld wages, bonuses and taxes or part of the processing company with compensation. So, our payroll system is use to manage such type payrolls and information of each and every employee.

It is displayed in the employee’s salary, including: deducted name, overtime, bonus and salary. This system makes it easier for the user to manage the payroll system because it does not take much time. This project is easy to operate and understandable for users.

The payroll management system is created in a web application, easy to understand and user-friendly, the main purpose of the system is to calculate the payroll of employees, the system contains administrators and users, administrators can manage all the data and the user they represent as an employee, but he cannot access all the information such as Add User.

This system is designed to provide the ability to customize all payroll tasks for employees. First, the user needs to go through the login system to gain access, then the user can add, list, update and delete employee records. deals with the financial aspects of employee salaries, deductions, bonuses and net wages. Users can view individual employee bills and update their payments, and users can also manage deductions, change overtime and pay rates.

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