List of Excuses Given by Employee to HR for Leave

Everyone needs to take an unexpected leave from work. The HR understands that some circumstances don’t allow for advance notice. There are some reasons that are perfectly acceptable and some not acceptable.

In organization a HR manager use leave management software to efficiently manage, approve, and track leave requests by employees in organization.

10 Acceptable Excuses Given by Employee For Leave

I’m Sick

Everyone gets sick once in a while, if you are too sick and not able to stand, you can do nothing about it. Just send an email or call the HR and tell him that you are sick.
Your HR understands your problem and gives you the leave because health matters a lot. If you are healthy, you work in a productive manner.

Got an injury

The injury could be sudden; not all injuries are planned. In injury you need to take a proper rest and requires the appropriate care.
You can do work from home till you are ready to work. Tell to the HR about the injury as soon as possible.


An emergency does not come, it’s natural and unexpected. An emergency could be characterized as a family emergency or a home emergency. A family emergency could be a car accident, unexpected surgery, and the death of a loved one or any other.
A home emergency could be a fire, pipe burst, or any other matter. The HR can understand the seriousness of the problem and you require a different amount of time off. You don’t make up a fake emergency.

Celebrating a religious holiday

For some religions, organizations do not provide the holiday. If you ask for the holiday to the HR, ask in the advance and dedicate the time, energy and emotion that the day deserves.

Car trouble

Sometimes the car gives the trouble. Your car won’t start. Car trouble out of your control is a valid excuse to take a work-off.

Medical appointment

During work hours, doctors scheduling appointments to go see them might interfere with work. If possible then change the time or schedule for the lunch, but if you can’t and need to schedule during the work, tell this to the HR, this is a legitimate reason.

It’s your birthday

Birthday comes once in a year and for that celebration you go with your family and friends to enjoy it. You call your HR and tell them that it’s your birthday and you are taking a leave. Requesting your HR for the work off on the birthday is bulletproof.

There’s a bereavement

If you lost someone who is close to you is very sad. Losing someone is a valid excuse to take work off. Call HR and tell him about the problem. Attending services and supporting is a respect and honor to the lost member’s memory.

Bad weather

If the weather is not good or it’s too rainy outside then you can take a leave from the work. Rain is a valid reason to take off, but not in winter or summer.

Changing the house

You are shifting from one location to the other is the valid reason to take a work-off. Inform the HR that you are shifting and not able to come to the office.

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