PHP HR is a self-hosted HR Software that helps to convert manual filing systems and paperwork to electronic files. This can help to reduce the potential for errors and employee information leaks and losses, all while helping to greatly improve organization within the company. It is specifically designed to streamline and improve human resources management. It is designed to help employees and management perform at their full potential and is implemented by businesses of all sizes to boost productivity and overall employee satisfaction.

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  • PHP HR is 100% customizable HR software – We can modify this software according to your requirements at very reasonable price.
  • For government registered NGO and Educational School (Not Professional Institute) – Our CRM and HR software license is 100% free.
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PHP HR software offer more than streamlined attendance & payroll services. In addition, you will receive access to all features of PHP software, including time and attendance software, employee database, leave management software, holiday management software, payroll management software and so on looking to automate manual work. It is a simple software solution to manage employee information and other human resources management tasks.

PHP HR Features

Attendance Management System

Attendance management system helps admin to take their employees attendance efficient and accurate way. PHP HR has different-different way to take employee attendance like admin can take attendance, biometric device, CSV file, Manual as well as from employee login panel.

Leave Management System

With the help of leave management system admin can manage their employees’ leave efficient way. PHP HR software allows employees for leave request, as well as it’s also allowing admin/manager to accept or deny their employees’ leave request.

Payroll Management System

Payroll management system helps HR department to generate payslips for every employee on the basis of their working hours. Companies, uses payroll software to automate such things as calculating payments and depositing payments into the bank account of employees. And it’s also generated payslips that employees can view and download.

Document Management System

PHP HR has an essential module document management system. Admin can upload required documents like resume, government id card, or other documents of employees for future reference with the help of document management system. A document management system helps admin to search, store and manage their employees’ documents. Here admin can upload document or keep link of documents also.

Performance Management System

Performance management system helps admin to manage their employee’s performance means admin/manager can add/edit/delete performance of employees along with employees can also view own performance in company. Part of PHP HR, performance management system also helps to find the best employee for assigning some responsible tasks of company.

Employee Shift Management System

Shift management has become a huge problem for companies where working hours are 24X7. Those company needs this employee shift management software which is a part of HR Software. Admin can add new shift with in-time and out-time according to their need, admin/manager can change their employees’ shift.

Assets Management System

Assets management system used to manage the company’s assets. Means company provide the assets to their employees and which is auto sync the employees’ profile. In PHP HR’s asset management system, admin can add unlimited assets for their employee.

Biometric Attendance System

PHP HR’s biometric attendance system, capture employee attendance accurate and quick. Biometric attendance system helps to grow your business. And also provide real time attendance report with in-time and out-time.

Employee Management System

PHP HR is an employee management oriented software, its help to manage the employee of any organization. Organization admin can add unlimited employee according to their databases size.

 User Management In HRM

With the Help of user management tool admin can make multiple software user and admin can also assign role to them. PHP HR’s user management is a versatile software here admin can create users and provide them to access and control according to their designation.

 Holiday Management System

Holiday management is an essential part of every company. By using this software, manage your company holiday very easy and efficient way. In holiday management system, admin can add official holiday and broadcast this news within the company in simple few clicks.

With PHP HR software, you can now streamline your HR workflows without shuffling between spreadsheets, empower and engage your employees, track performance and optimize your business expenditure. It can help client manage their manpower including employee salary slip management, employee attendance, employee leave and performance management. It provides everything you need to keep track of every aspect of your employees, taxes, training and management from anywhere, at any time. It allows employer’s to manage important tasks and processes related to managing employees and allocate their time and resources to more productive and profitable efforts.

PHP HR software provides high quality, effective and useful HR software features. It is an end to end HR system that provides PHP HR solutions for large, medium or small enterprises. PHP HR software is self – hosted HR software that’s mean you can download PHP HR source code and upload in your server.
PHP HR software is very simple, flexible and users-friendly software. PHP HR software save complete data of the employees, generate salary slips and attendance of employee, compute of allowance and deductions of employee and generates all reports.

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    109 reviews for PHP HR

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