If your manager or company is not assigning you more work. Not doing much interaction with you as much, that might be a sign they are planning to get rid of you or would even prefer you quit.

Everyone expects a good and professional relationship with their manager. This relationship can directly impact your career and can eligible you for a promotional opportunity.
But it’s a pretty big deal if your boss doesn’t like you and wants you to quit. It’s not like you can’t do anything to change your manager’s behavior towards you. But the main problem that arises here is to identify that behavior. If your manager is not saying to you directly to leave the company, then it doesn’t mean that he/she is satisfied your work or happy to see you there. In some cases, they are saying it indirectly by their actions, words, or behavior towards you.

Some signs are here that you can identify in your manager’s behavior:

Ignoring You

Your manager is not receiving your calls, not responding to your mails or messages; seems like she/he is ignoring you and you are not in his/her list. He/she is not communicating to you or not addressing your queries, then take it as a sign. You should observe if the manger is behaving like that with everyone or only with you. If this is only for you and you feel like the door is only closed for you, this is an obvious sign that your manager has some sort of issue with you; talk to the manager and address this issue.

Don’t assign you new and different tasks

If your manager was assigning you new tasks and assignments earlier but now you are not given any new assignments, then there’s a probability that your manger doesn’t like your way of doing that work, or he/she is not satisfied with your output. It indicates that your manger doesn’t trust you to take on new responsibilities and they want you to quit on your own.

Don’t support you for your professional growth

If your manager is providing equal growth opportunities to other employees excluding you or not letting you pitch any new idea or disagree with everything you say, then it means they are neither interested in listening to you nor supporting your career growth.
Getting recognized for your work is important in building confidence and career.

Insult you in front of others

If you find that your manger is openly insulting your efforts or ideas, then this is a sign of huge disrespect form your manger. You may feel embarrassed. This will decrease your confidence in speaking up or presenting your ideas again in meetings. This fear of getting insulted will down your morale. Take it as a sign that your manager wants you to quit and should focus on improving your resume to find a new job.

Always Having irrelevant behavior for you

If you think that your manager is always rude to you, even when he/she is in good mood. If your manager is showing anger or threatening you for your job, then it may be a sign that you are not needed there anymore.

Encourages you to find employment somewhere else

If you think that your manager is keep telling you to find a new job where you can fit, it is a sign that your manager wants you to resign from there. This can be treated as a matter of self-respect, that if you are not needed in a place then you should just leave from there.

Don’t give feedback to you

If your manager is dissatisfied with you or your work, then he/she starts avoiding you. He/she praising others and leaving you unrecognized, that’s a sign you should worry about. If you are not receiving any feedback from your manager then the reason could be poor quality of your work. Feedback can be good or bad, ask for it. Absence of this will affect your performance and you will not be able to grow and improve your performance. Try to take feedback from your manager so that you can focus on your weak points. Your manager insight will help you to enhance your work quality.

Criticizes your work

You are putting all your efforts into your work, but your manager is criticizing your work in front of other employees. It is a sign that your manager is not happy with you and wants you to quit your job. The reason can be your wrong behavior, not performing well, showing stupidity in meetings, your output is not valuable. Discuss it with your manager and start improving but if your manager is not telling you the reason of criticizing your work and insulting you in front of others, and you think your performance is good enough then you should quit that job and find a better opportunity to show your talent.

Stop inviting you for meetings

Earlier you were receiving invitations from your manager to join the meetings, but now your manager stops inviting you for those meetings. Then you should understand that your manager is unhappy with you. Your presence is not that important at company meetings. The reason could be poor performance, unprofessional behavior, or anything that dissatisfied your manager. Managers always support their employees if they see value in their work. Attending meeting is necessary to get the opportunities. So, you should approach your manager to address that problem. Try to be innovative, responsible and enhancing your work. Being kept out of all meetings is not a good sign for your growth in that company. It can be a sign that your manager wants you to quit.

Don’t value your time and efforts

If your manager reassigns the work done by you then it means your performance is not that good which she/he expected. You may feel like the work done by you is fine or excellent, but if your manager reassigns it, then you should stop thinking in that way.
If your manager starts to assign small and less important work that is not a part of your job, then it indicates that the manager doesn’t want you to take any new project, so he/she is engaging you with these tasks. But if you think your efforts were really effective in the previous projects and you don’t know the reason for this sudden change in his/her behavior, then you should approach to your manager and discuss the situation. You should make sure that you are ready and able to ace the new projects.

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