Emotional Intelligence Questions

Knowing the term Emotional Intelligence does not means that you know how it is related to your selection in your dream job. You may have heard this line many a times from many people that in an Interview the test of knowledge is not the purpose; the real test is of your personality , your emotional intelligence.

Emotional Intelligence is the ability of an individual to understand their as well as others emotions and the ability to respond to and manage those emotions. It can also help you to connect with your feelings and to understand one’s feelings as well.

How Emotional Intelligence helps you?

Emotional Intelligence helps you build stronger relationships, succeed in various fields, and achieve your career and personal goals. It makes informed decisions about what matters to you the most.

Attributes of Emotional Intelligence

  • Self Awareness- Through this, you recognize your own emotions and how they affect your thoughts and behavior. You got to know your strengths and weakness.
  • Social awareness- If you are good at emotional intelligence, then you are able to understand the needs of people and their concern, you have empathy.
  • Relationship management- You know how to manage and maintain good relationship either with your partner or any one in your social contact.
  • Self Management- You are able to control your emotions and feelings, take initiative, and follow commitments.

How Employer uses Emotional Intelligence

Interviewer use this to know how well the candidate is at managing those emotions and how stable the candidate is. Nowadays Employers test job applicants Emotional Intelligence in the form of psychological based tests.
It is because there’s work which may require team work so to analyze the same, the employer takes this test.
They ask you questions which seems normal to you or you might think these questions as a general questions but no you are wrong, the employer is actually wanted to know how you think, what’s your inner perspective.
So what are those questions and their answers?

15 Emotional Intelligence Questions And Their Answers

All employers always ask this very common question and by answering it in your own style can really increase your chances of getting selected.

There can be many answers to this but giving answer in your style will surely impress the employer. But if you don’t know the answer then you can give this answer
“I am the most suitable person for this job because I am competent and I have all the skills that this position requires. My work is my priority and completing it in an efficient manner is my primarily task”.

In the coming years I see myself at the higher position with a lot more new skills and leading the company to sky heights profits.

I will contribute the best of mine and put the company’s interest before mine.

I will show loyalty to my company first and if I have to join the other company then I’ll complete the projects of the company that I am working in.

Yes, if that project is urgent I’ll definitely do overtime because work is my priority.

I do exercise and activities which bring fun like I love doing dance and if I am having a bad day then I will do that to refresh myself.

I feed street dogs daily as they are one’s who are dependent on us to have food.

I try to give time to the things which are not in my control and little patience can really help in solving problems which seems impossible at first.

Failure is a thing which shows that atleast you have tried something new in your life and you are learning new things everyday.

I take failure positively and try not to repeat the mistakes due to which I failed.

Indiscipline and Irresponsible behavior annoys me the most.

In this question the candidate should present his/her goals in a specified and clear manner. So that the panel of interviewer gets impressed by your answer.

In this question, the employer wants to know how fast you can take decisions. So it’s better if the candidate agree with the facts.

Be little creative while answering this question as being judgmental can be both positive or negative.

It depends on the task, if the project is important then I am a result oriented person but if it’s a normal task then efforts of the person matters.

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