Employee Firing Process in Company

Employee termination means the end of employment of a worker with a company. A departure, as such, has many causes and types.

Employee firing means termination of the contract of the employee with the company, or an organization is known as the employee firing.
In other words, it means that when the employee is doing something wrong , disrespectful , arrogant in nature, or miss behave in the company or an organization, the company will end the contract or terminate the contract between the company and the employee for these reasons.

Reasons Why Employee Fired From The Company

Sexual Harassment ,bullying and violence

Employees which sexual harass the other employees or discriminate against the fellow employee are immediately fired from the company or an organization.

Drug or Alcohol use

Employees who use drugs or alcohol in the company or organization, they will not be in a situation to concentrate on the work it will cause to the company, and the employee who uses drugs in the office will be immediately fired from the company.

Unethical behavior

Unethical behavior means falsifying the company records and lying about the work tasks and hide information etc. Any kind of unethical behaviour is grounds for firing.

Company property damage

IF an employee damages the property of the company like machinery, computer, or office space results in financial loss. So the company or an organization can fire the employee.

Theft or misuse of company property

Theft is illegal, if the employee misuses or steals the equipment of the company or an organization so the company can fire the employee for this unethical behavior.

Employee Firing Process In Company

Serve a Notice

Do not fire the employee without giving an warning to him/her. A notice period of 30 to 90 days must be given to the employee before the termination of the employee.
The notice must be given in written form clearly mentioning the reason for termination of the employee. The employee has also the right, if did not get proper and timely notice, he/she can hire a labor lawyer to file a lawsuit against the employer.

Settle The Severance Pay

Severance pay is the compensation or benefit which is given by the company to the employee in the form of money by the time of resignation or a mutual agreement between the employer and the employee.
At least one month payment must be given to the employee who has completed at least one year of continuous work for the company or an organization.

Avoid Constructive Dismissal

Constructive dismissal is a situation created by the employer in the company in which the employee is forced to quit their job. The resignation could be the result of bad working conditions in the terms of employment.
Factors of constructive dismissal are:-

  • A demotion.
  • Reduction in salary.
  • Transfer to a less desirable position.
  • Harassment or humiliation by the employer.
  • Offer of an early retirement.

Conduct An Exit Interview

Exit interview with an employee who has been fired from the organization or the company. Good exit interviews fetch important information about the company or the organization, and they can also improve the working environment of the company or an organization.

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