Employee Production Grade Software

Employee production-grade software is a generic term used to refer to software or hardware that is designed for regular and intensive use with real users. Most of the time, such systems need to be fault-tolerant, and zero downtime is preferred at the customer’s site.

Production grade is a marketing software, as there is no formal definition for production-grade qualities and characteristics. The IT implication is similar to comparing a commercial grade appliance to one for residential use in that it is implied that production-grade IT products can withstand heavier and more frequent use.

Employee production-grade system refers to software or hardware capable of frequent and intensive use in office, commercial or industrial settings.

In computer and technology terminology, “production-grade” is a phrase that is used to describe more robust and rugged hardware and software that is designed for intensive business and enterprise computing environments.

An employee production grade is a step within a compensation system that defines the amount of pay an employee will receive. … Responsibilities, and hence a higher pay grade, are extended to employees who manage the work of other employees.

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